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Greasy Friday

We like healthy and fit, but we rarely turn down a greasy Friday.

Team activities

Yeah, on a monthly basis. Kickbox, squash, trampoline jumping...

Your device

A device with OS of your choice (possibility to take it home).


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Our Jobtoolz DNA

We help organisations to recruit efficiently through our all-in-one recruitment platform. Meanwhile jobtoolz is active in 5 countries, including France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the USA. 
We like a loose, informal atmosphere in a creative environment. Jobtoolz consists of enthusiastic colleagues, driven by 'desire'.

Motivation & Fun

We strive each day to tackle things positively and ambitiously. We know no problems, only challenges, and our motto is “work hard, play hard”. The entire team breathes enthusiasm and is willing to move mountains. We have love and passion for our job and for our people. Besides that, it's OK to have fun! Laughing is healthy after all.

Sincere appreciation

Our employees are our company’s real strength. They are at the heart of our company, and ensure daily customer satisfaction and a good vibe. A pat on the back and a sincere thank you to each of them is therefore in order. Appreciation and respect are therefore indispensable in the Jobtoolz philosophy.


As a team we are the Jobtoolz family. Every month we strengthen our bond during our traditional team activity. This varies from kickbox, to squash and recently we even escaped from a spectacular escape room. What else do we do together? Greasy Friday, that's something we look forward to every month!

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    Jochen Callens


    Creative strategist. Go-getter. Sales animal. Generalist. Flipchart designer. Supporter of Club Bruges.

    Dieter D'hondt


    People Coach. Perfectionist. Wolf of Bitcoin street. Mr. Empathy. Barroom philosopher.

    Jonathan Vercoutere

    Head of development

    Snowboarder. Daddy. Talkative person. Spicy food lover. Codes with vision.

    Peter Hanssens

    Full-stack developer

    Fresh daddy. Card & video games lover. Into darts. Goes all the way or doesn't go at all.

    Pieter Jan Pollie

    Full-stack developer

    Devoted gamer. Recreational padeller. Sees the world in code.

    Arne Vanaelst

    Junior Digital Marketeer

    Creative teamplayer. Digital minded. Chocolate addict. Veni vidi amavi

Love your job

Jobtoolz family members 5
Youngest family member 21 years
Team activities Every month
Greasy Friday Every month
Healthy? Yes... on all other days ;-)
Culture Amusing, pleasant

Jump in and get to know us ☕️